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To write with clarity and simplicity*

January 26th 2016

*Advice from The Economist Magazine‚Äôs Style Guide for their staff writers. It is a difficult maxim to maintain but it is sound advice to anyone either contemplating tapping the keyboard or putting pen to paper. Here are a couple of simple tips I try to follow: Less is more In these attention-sparse days, short-form copy […]


Write like a Spook

January 19th 2016

For all wordsmiths who enjoy manipulation of the English language look no further than the CIA Style Writers Guide. Get your download from 185 pages of tips on how to write like a spook. From those wonderful people who brought you such euphemisms as ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ (Illegal kidnapping and Torture) and ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ […]


New website about to be launched

January 15th 2016

I have decided to expand my author website to include my commercial writing activities. There seems to be some logic to this move as both are about the use of words and love of the English language.