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Is there anyone listening at Yorkshire Water?

Posted on October 28th 2015

The Monkey and the Organ Grinder

Further to my lengthy post of 27th October cataloguing the saga of my blocked drain at 7 Alexandra Road, Harrogate. YW were quick to make contact with me via Twitter. However, the operative dealing with the project has to refer everything back to YW’s contractors, AMEY. It would appear that YW are working for AMEY and not the other way around. Here is a snatch of conversation held over the phone this morning with a YW Operative:

ME: Would you agree with me that it would be more logical if your digging team can come out within 24 hours as you say, that they fill in the already dug hole rather than waiting a week until my own contractors can do it? Also bearing in mind my frustrations about the delays to date wouldn’t this action speed up the process of resolving the problem of my blocked ladies lavatory and help calm matters down?.

YW Operative: I can’t comment about that.

ME: Will you please ask your contractor’s the question?

YW: Operative: I will contact them and come back to you

Phone call message in response from YW Operative:

“It says in an email I have received, they can’t get in the hole to retrieve the shoring…”

“…and they can’t get their machinery in!!!!!!”

Even the YW operative admitted that this was incomprehensible and promised to go back to AMEY to find an interpreter. I am still awaiting a further response.

Yorkshire Water deafness

On the same telelphone call I asked about what compensation YW was going to provide for the time, inconvenience and additional contractor’s costs incurred to date?

“I hearing where you are coming from.” A meaningless platitude, that was all I got. Not ‘sorry’ or ‘someone is looking into this’, just batted away as if my well documented saga of complaints meant nothing.

Customer communications, but on our terms only

I discovered this morning that texts being sent by me in response to YW’s own texts cannot be received by YW. Also I am not able to communicate with them via email although they can email me. This is a very helpful way of blocking communications and making certain messages are under YW’s control and not the customer. So I have to communicate via Twitter and my Blog which ensures the public are exposed to YW’s shortcomings in plain view.

I have yet to speak to anyone with any authority; the poor YW operative is at the beck and call of AMEY and seems powerless to even apologise and admit that the situation is a complete shambles.

Where will it all end? Read the next incompetent chapter only here…