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My bid to be Prime Minister of Yorkshire

Posted on June 28th 2016

I know this is not the end of the referendum debate by a country mile but it is time we just stopped expressing our anger, horror, surprise, joy or whatever emotion June 23 stirred in us and thought about the future.

Looking back is pointless, it is time to look ahead and seize what opportunities arise from the popular vote. While door to Europe is now ajar, the door to the wider world has been banged wide-open etc. etc.… (Insert here any article published in the Daily Mail over the last 3 months).

In the meantime, I am formally announcing my bid to be Prime Minister of Yorkshire. My home county has a larger population than Scotland and is inhabited by the finest, hard-working folk you can find anywhere. We sometimes forget that the North as a whole contributes to around 19% of our national economy, while Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales combined pitches in a measly 13%.

Once we get fracking on the North Yorkshire Moors we’ll be energy sufficient; the growth of new micro-breweries will keep our thirsts slaked and unemployment will tumble as the Yorkshire pudding factories, working 24/7, start rolling out their exports across the globe.

I plan to establish border posts at Scotch Corner and south of Sheffield and I shall seek advice from Donal Trump on erecting a gigantic border wall made from good old Yorkshire millstone grit.

Emperor Hadrian, free your elephants, Yorkshire’s coming. Vote Adamson for Yorkshire PM – you know it makes sense!

PS I am looking for a good Yorkshire Chancellor. Southerners need not apply. Any takers?