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A Different Way of Life

November 08th 2014

If any of my readers have visited the Indian subcontinent you’ll have witnessed many of the experiences I am about to relate; but for me a 66 year old virgin on my first passage to Northern India, I found the visit an unforgettable experience, best described as an assault to all my senses. Lavatories, or […]


An Irish Author

July 18th 2014

Yesterday I met Gemma. A fellow writer, Irish, garrulous and full of life stories. Dublin born, once an Iranian air hostess, married to a wealthy Oklahoma cowboy who killed himself in his own plane; lived in New Orleans and worked in Paris for Disney; she speaks seven languages. One of seven children she now writes […]


Taking Mesopotamia by Jenny Lewis

May 08th 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a wonderful, and as always with Jenny Lewis, a thought-provoking, sensitive book of prose, poetry, interviews and pictures. Jenny’s loving search for her late father during his time serving in WW1 Mesopotamia and the contextualisation of modern day war in Iraq make this an evocative and timeless […]


Gathering Lost Teddy Bear Stories

April 25th 2014

During a recent family lunch party the subject of childhood teddy bears and favourite soft toys popped into the conversation. Nearly everyone around the table had a story of a much-loved and still cherished companion of old. So much so that two of the story-tellers (age 50 plus) had a tear in their eye when […]


What’s in a Name?

April 05th 2014

I sometimes wonder if you can become over-advised. As a virgin novelist I became worn down with well-meaning advice from the likes of Writer’s and Artists’ seminars, workshops and from reading various blogs and listening to webinars from supposed writing Gurus. They often spewed forth conflicting advice. On the subject of book titles I was […]


Planning to Write, Writing to a Plan

March 21st 2014

In conversations with fellow authors I have heard differing opinions about how they tackle writing a novel. Some are meticulous in their planning and have worked out the beginning, middle and end of their story the moment they put fingers to keyboard. This must be reassuring as they can see, albeit in the far distance, […]


The Power of the Internet

November 09th 2013

Many thanks to all the thousands of US, Canadian, UK, Continental European and India based downloaders of ‘Hidden Lives’ during the free promotional period on Amazon Kindle on Thursday Nov 7-8. Without the power of the internet we’d never have met. I hope you all enjoy the book, its mad characters and the dark English […]


Becoming an e-book writing entrepreneur

November 07th 2013

Last Saturday I attended a seminar in London hosted by Bloomsbury Publishing on e-book marketing. It was very informative and well attended. The meeting was held in a lecture theatre at Imperial College and so for all us literary parvenus it was rather intimidating to see cut out jet engines and other wonderous pieces of […]


The naive and bumbling author

July 26th 2013

It’s rather exciting as every morning I go to my Amazon Kindle Self Publishing site to check the number of downloads for ‘Hidden Lives’ from the previous day. If I am feeling brave I hold off for two days. When the book first went ‘live’ I couldn’t work out why there was only one sale […]


Hidden Lives – download link and first review!

July 17th 2013

Hidden Lives is available now on Amazon for download to Kindle, smartphone or tablet. Click here! Reviews on Amazon would be very much appreciated. The first review is a great one – thanks ever so much Caz: “A great read reminiscent of Tom Sharpe. Stacks of humour, fabulous characters and a wild plot. A really […]