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The arduous art of novel writing

June 26th 2013

Well it’s finished. In fact it was finished many months ago, in fact years ago, yet the temptation to continuously fiddle with the MS is obsessive. It might be called Compulsive-Altering-the-Script-Disorder (CASD). As it is my first attempt at a full length book  I have sought advice and read endless articles on the web and […]


A flight of fancy

June 24th 2013

A shot of me in the No 2 seat of my friend’s WW2 Dakota, somewhere over Europe. Couldn’t resist this little nostalgia trip.


New website

First outing for my new author website to help promote my first novel Hidden Lives, with a little help from Victoria at YorkshireWords. No ghostwriting whatsoever has occurred in the making of this blog post.