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Why not to retire

August 30th 2019

I am a keen supporter of Next-Up, an organisation created by the talented Victoria Tomlinson. Next-Up encourages retired professional and business folk to put their ‘parked’ experience to good use with voluntary organisations, charities and SMEs. It is a fact that too many highly experienced executives hit the retirement button and head for sunnier climes […]


Literary Tours, Interesting People and Places

August 01st 2017

Last week I stayed in Oxford to attend the launch party of Fairlight Books, my new publishers, held at Blackwell’s Bookshop on Broadstreet in the centre of the city. If you’ve not visited the store it is a treat for any book-nut and is very much an Oxford institution. It is located next to the […]


When manners obscure meaning

September 03rd 2016

I came across this piece of dialogue in Scott Fitzgerald’s great novel, Tender is the Night. Dick Diver, one of the central characters, says: “Good manners are an admission that everybody is so tender that they have to be handled with gloves. Now, human respect – you don’t call a man a coward or a […]


More copywriting mantras

February 22nd 2016

Less is more In these attention-sparse days, short-form copy has become the norm for many media channels from Twitter to Facebook, the web to broadcast news. Messages must be distilled to their absolute essence. I draw the analogy of boiling a stock pot: the final reduction delivers a rich concentration. Get to the heart of […]


If David Walliams can write children’s stories, then why can’t I?

November 11th 2015

Maybe I should change my name like David Williams did to ‘David Walliams’ to create a distinctive resonance. Evidently, the change was not an act of shrewd marketing or vanity but simply because he discovered there was already another Equity actor with the same name. However, I am sure this must be the reason for […]